Classic Billfold: What I Wanted From My Move to Portland and What I Got

I was on my third major U.S. city and while I’d loved Columbus, Chicago, and Portland, I had never felt a sense of destiny with any of them.

How The Belladonna Comedy Built a Thriving Comedy Site in One Year

I e-sat down with the editors of the site to talk about their progress one year in, their plans for the future, and if monetization is among their goals.

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How can we even plan for 2018 when this year was full of so many uncertainties on so many micro and macro levels?

Groupon Grad School

I never went to grad school. Instead, I spent three years working for Groupon.

The Cost of Hearing Aids, Part Three: Broke For the Summer

Welcome to part three of my series about buying new hearing aids in 2017, five years after purchasing my last pair (that cost literally thousands of dollars).

The Cost of Buying New Hearing Aids: Part Two

Hahaha, I am going to need more money.

The Cost of Buying New Hearing Aids: Part One

I’m excited to see what new features are available. I’m not excited about how much my hearing aids might cost.

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What I Wanted From My Move to Portland and What I Got

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