Question of the Day: Did You Move for a Relationship?

Going the Distance

This morning’s Doing Money interview—and our subsequent comment discussion about whether a woman moving to be closer to her male significant other was “unfeminist”—made me curious:

  1. How many Billfolders have moved to close the distance on a relationship? (Me! Twice! Both times we had the “this can’t be the only reason you move” conversation, and it wasn’t the only reason I moved, but it was a big part of my decision.)
  2. Of those Billfolders, how many are women? (Me! Twice!)
  3. Did you quit a job to move? (Me! Once!)
  4. How did you and your significant other handle the financial costs of moving? (The first time, I paid for the majority of the costs; the second time, the person I was dating helped with some of the costs and flew to my city to physically help me pack up.)
  5. Are you glad that you moved? (Yes, both times—but I’m also a generally happy person. Also, see “it wasn’t the only reason I moved,” above.)

That’s five questions of the day, but I know Team Billfold and WE CAN HANDLE THIS.

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