Question Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to heat up those financial questions.

Today’s question isn’t really financial, but it was inspired by Michelle Song’s “Food Problem” post: how much time do you spend cooking, per day or per week?

I drink Huel for two meals per day, so my only prep time there is filling the shakers in advance. This takes maybe two minutes per day.

I cook dinners “from scratch,” in that I start with base ingredients (dried black beans, fresh or frozen vegetables, tofu, spices, etc.) but rarely prepare anything that takes longer than 10 minutes. I make a lot of stews and stir-fries; the former gets dumped in the Crock-Pot and left there all day, the latter gets dumped in the 12-inch sauté pan and left there for about 10 minutes with occasional stirring.

I also empty the dishwasher while my food is heating (or re-heating, if it’s leftover) and load as many dishes as I can before it’s time to eat.

What about you?

Discuss — or ask your own questions — in the comments.

Photo by on Unsplash.

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