A Two-Bedroom Apartment of One’s Own

I just moved to the first apartment where I am the master tenant.

The Cost of Moving On: How I Justified My $100 Gym Membership

It was the nicest adult daycare I could possibly check myself into.

The Cost of a New Last Name

When my husband and I got married, we decided to create a new last name together.

Why I’m in Philadelphia Instead of Seattle

I grew up in Seattle and always planned to spend my adulthood there.

When You Don’t Know What’s Coming, Plan Anyway

As the year rounds out, I’m realizing the lengths I go to just so I can avoid being caught out unawares. 

Holiday Costs When Your Partner Lives in the Arctic

This is the most expensive holiday of my life.

Why Separate Bank Accounts Have Been a Relationship Game-Changer

First, let me say my husband and I are obviously slow learners. We tried to have a joint checking account for 20 years.

I Knew My Relationship Was Doomed When My Boyfriend Revealed He Didn’t Know How Credit Works

“Yeah, I just leave a little unpaid every month. That’s a good way to increase your credit.”

Every Job I’ve Ever Had: Drink Hustler, Aircraft Wirer, Goddess of Tubes

I may not have had a lucrative career, but I can say that I’ve had some interesting jobs in my lifetime.

The Ask A Manager “I Ghosted My Girlfriend and Now She’s My Boss” Guy Responds

Last month, Ask A Manager ran a letter from a guy who ended a three-year relationship by leaving the country.