Jami Attenberg: Transient Novelist

Jami Attenberg is a 40-year-old novelist with three books out. Her essay on The Rumpus about having success but having no money is pretttttyyyyy great. It’s framed around the past half-year, as she’s tried to figure out how to live the life she wants, and also live within her means. “I have slept in 26 locations in the last seven months,” she starts. “This was never my intention, this peripatetic life, but looking back now at the age of 40, I can finally see I have been doing it for decades. I wanted so much more for myself at some point, though I cannot even remember what exactly it was that I wanted anymore. Now it is only just to write.” Read the whole thing, it’s gooooood (even if you’re not a writer, mean it).

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