Why I Retired From YouTube

In 2011, armed with a webcam and a desire to belong to an online community of nerds, I started making YouTube videos.

The Summer I Became a Teenager Again

I needed cash, so I got a job at a movie theater.

How I Got This Job: LARP Designer

I help people learn about themselves through collaborative storytelling in the form of LARP, or live action role playing games.

How I Got This Job: Librarian

I was a librarian for several years and this is a little tour of my career, a bit about my experiences on the library job market, and why I chose to go another route eventually.

Job of the Day: Cancun Experience Officer

We haven’t done a Job of the Day in forever, but you won’t want to miss this one.

What If Your Father Was an Actor Your Mother Had Hired?

The Atlantic interviews a man who runs a company that provides actors to play family members. For years.

How I Got This Job: Full-Time Substitute Teacher

One morning I might read aloud to 1st graders; the next day, I’ll teach 10th graders how to factor trinomials.

How I Got This Job: Interlibrary Loan Coordinator

I used to dream of running away and living at the library.

How I Got This Job: Game Designer

I literally “broke in” to the games industry.

I Did the Worst Thing You Can Do to an Employer… and I Did It Twice

I got hired, got trained, and promptly quit.