Which Financial Fairy Tales Cover Do You Like Best?

I spent most of yesterday’s quasi-holiday getting Financial Fairy Tales to the final-draft stage, which means it’s time to start BOOK PRODUCTION.

Unmooring in a Safe Harbor: What Tana French’s Mystery Novels Tell Us About Money

What do you do when your financial anxiety starts scratching at the door?

Billfold Book Review: The Power of Zero

Most people don’t think about how much they’ll pay in taxes when they retire — and David McKnight wants you to know that there’s a way to pay zero taxes in retirement, if you do the math correctly.

Observing The Game “For the Experience”

My night at a Neil Strauss book signing.

Get Your Money Together: A Billfold Book Review

Consider this book HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Squeezed: A Billfold Book Review

Thanks to all of you who recommended I read Alissa Quart’s new book.

Using the Library to Cut Costs — In Unexpected Ways

Yes, you can get books and movies at your local library. But have you tried checking out a guitar amp?

Talking to Alison Green About the New “Ask a Manager” Book

Happy publication day, Ask a Manager!

How the Wonka Kids Do Money: Charlie Bucket

For his first two years at the chocolate factory, Charlie followed Wonka’s orders.

How the Wonka Kids Do Money: Augustus Gloop

I began my life as a food hoarder, reaching out to grab every best bite for myself.