S Is for Self-Sufficiency: What Sue Grafton’s Mystery Novels Tell Us About Money

Kinsey Millhone cuts her own hair, uses coupons, and wears the same black dress over and over.

Kids These Days: A Billfold Book Review

Let’s take a look at Malcolm Harris’s Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials.

Uneasy Street: A Billfold Book Review

How the 5 percent think.

Oh My Dollar! Is Kickstarting a Financial Guide

Do you like money? Do you also like cats?

Meredith Practices

A chapter from my forthcoming novel, because it’s relevant to this month’s theme.

Richard Thaler Wins Nobel Prize in Economics

For his work on why people make bad financial decisions.

Side Hustle: A Billfold Book Review

The best parts of Side Hustle aren’t actually about the side hustles.

Why Rich People Hide Price Tags

Today’s must-read longread is an essay by Rachel Sherman: “What the Rich Won’t Tell You.”

The Pumpkin Plan: A Billfold Book Review

I liked The Pumpkin Plan significantly less than I liked Profit First.

On the Beach: A Billfold Book Review

Capitalism, cockroaches, and love are the only things that survive nuclear war.