Why I Didn’t Legally Change My Name

Just to file a petition for a name change costs $435 in the California court system.

How Has Halloween Candy Changed in Price Since 2014?

Four years ago, I tallied up a bunch of popular Halloween candy “assortments” (aka “giant bags of mixed candy”) and ranked them by cost per candy and cost per ounce.

A Year of Unpaid Maternity Leave

When I got pregnant I knew that I wanted to take a year off to stay home with the baby.

The Cost of Homemade Halloween Costumes

My daughter wanted to be a plague doctor for Halloween.

Everything I Own That’s Worth Its Weight in Gold

Gold is a lot more expensive than I thought it was.

The Cost of a 15-Day Trip to South America

This is not a story about stumbling upon amazing airfare deals or subsisting on a budget of $10 per day.

Throwback Thursday: What It Cost Me to Make Each Minute of My Six-Minute Film

The initial budget for our short was $3,500.

What I Spend Every Year to Dance in the Woods

The cost of attending Adult Dance Camp.

The Cost to Clothe a Minimalist Family of Five

Over the past year, we have spent just under $400 on kids’ clothes.

The Cost of Cutting Weight

When people think about “the hard part” of boxing or martial arts, they usually think about the part where you’re getting punched in the face.