The Cost of Being Santa Claus

I asked my parents how much it cost to make my childhood Christmases magical.

The Cost of Making My Own Holiday Traditions

For the first 26 years of my life, our Christmas plans were the same—Christmas Day with Dad’s family, and Boxing Day with Mum’s.

When the Identity Theft Is Coming From Inside the House

Identity theft, as I know from experience, can be a very personal crime.

What If Your Father Was an Actor Your Mother Had Hired?

The Atlantic interviews a man who runs a company that provides actors to play family members. For years.

Money With a Side of Guilt

On borrowing money from your parents.

The Cost of Saying No

I “warned” my parents for over a year that I would be getting married and moving out soon, and reminded them multiple times that I would not be able to provide as much financial or physical help.

Getting What You Pay For

My MacBook was more expensive, but it’s outlasted my parents’ discount laptops.

My Mother, the Clearance Queen

How my mother’s shopping philosophies shaped my spending habits.

My Reparations Tax

I’m giving away 10 percent of any money that my family gives me to organizations that directly benefit racial minorities.

You Can’t Take It—Any of It—With You

Thoughts on my parents’ downsizing their house and death-cleaning my grandma’s house.