I Got Student Loan Scammed: How to Not be Like Me

Gather around, Millennials, for a little story!

A Great Recession Open Thread

And yes, we’re going to discuss that report on Millennials and the recession.

This Week in Pods

I think we have Pod Bingo!

I’m a Lawyer Who Works Retail to Make Ends Meet

I went to law school in the worst possible year to go to law school.

When “Saving Money” Means “Getting Money From a Source Besides Your Own Labor”

How many of those six-figures-in-savings Millennials built their net worth entirely from their own earned income?

1 in 6 Millennials Has at Least $100,000 Saved

Time to check this data against previous financial surveys to see if it matches up.

Kids These Days: A Billfold Book Review

Let’s take a look at Malcolm Harris’s Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials.

Set Aside Some Time to Read “Generation Screwed”

Even if you’re not a Millennial.

The Dream of Running a Small Farm

More and more Millennials are taking up farming.

London Millennials Need to Give Up Restaurants for Five Years If They Want to Buy a Home

And that’s if they have parents who can help with the down payment.