This Week in Pods

Move over, clamshells. It’s POD TIME.

The Billfold Goes to the Archives: Community Cookbooks

These books are meant to be used, in a way that I suspect the few hefty, glossy cookbooks I personally own are not.

Throwback Thursday: The Cost of Being Vegan

Before I was vegan, I used to buy half-moon cookies for a dollar.

In Praise of Velveeta

I get why people, whether they are chemists or not, are a little scared of Velveeta.

Throwback Thursday: Which Halloween Candy Is the Most Expensive?

Tootsie Child’s Play Candy Assortment, aka “stop pretending Tootsie Rolls are chocolate, you aren’t fooling anybody:” $8.98 for an unstated number of candies, or 15 cents per ounce.

Did We Successfully Reduce Our Grocery Spending?

Is it possible to save enough on the monthly grocery bill to make a real, long-term difference to the rest of our finances?

An Open Thread About Tipping on a Muffin

Some counter service staff also dislike these tip prompts, especially when they have to explain to a confused customer why the iPad is asking them to tip on a muffin pulled out of a display case. 

Going From the Best Food to the Cheapest Food

I can no longer afford fruits but sometimes I do treat myself to bananas when I’m feeling particularly rich.

August Grocery Spending: Single Mom With a Toddler Outside DC

Overall, I spent $362.79 on groceries in August — more than I hoped to spend, but less than my average based on the past year.

The Cost of a Night at Minibar

The meal we experienced was unlike any other dinner we’ve had before, or will have again for a long time.