More People Are Moving Out of High Cost-of-Living Areas

I told you I was part of a trend.

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Input your income and your county to learn whether you are earning a middle-class income in your area.

The Cost of Moving: The Happiness Factor

I’m going to have to explain this in a particularly Nicole way.

The Cost of Moving: The Break-Even Point

At what point will the money I save surpass the cost of the move?

What If I Didn’t Live in Seattle?

You’ve asked me why I don’t move somewhere with a lower cost of living. Now I’m asking the same question.

Half of Us Are Planning to Move Somewhere Else

It isn’t just people in big coastal cities who plan on moving elsewhere: 85 percent of people in Tallahassee plan on moving, along with 57 percent of people in Raleigh, 76 percent of people in Providence, etc. etc. etc.

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