Clothes, Shopping, and the “Fat Tax”

Welcome to the fun world of being a size 20.

The Cost of Seeing Two Naked Men Get Into a Fist Fight

The first thing was knowing where the nude beach was.

The Cost of Sewing Nearly All of My Clothes

Can sewing save you money? Yes, probably. Does sewing save me money? Absolutely not.

When Your Clothing Has to Represent the Brand

I worked at the clothing store Express for the summers of 2007, 2008, and 2009.

A Friday Chat About Capsule Wardrobes

Featuring Billfolder Antheridia!

I Don’t Buy the Outfit — I Buy the Promise

Clothes are rarely what I want them to be, and it’s because I expect too much from them.

Construction Is Not Cheap

I needed a bra that was constructed like an expensive house — stylishly keeping everything in, looking good inside and out, and holding up over time.

Call for Pitches: Clothing

It’s time for another call for pitches, and — by Billfolder request — our next theme is CLOTHING.

An Update on Wearing the Same Thing Every Day

I’ve worn the same basic outfit every day for nearly two months.

How Do We Afford to Dress for the Jobs We Want?

Especially when we’re trying to look like we belong to a different socioeconomic class?