Sidney’s Festive Film Review, Part Two

I was really excited to share this festive movie with Sid. Almost immediately, he made it clear that he wished I hadn’t.

The Cost of Keeping Up the Holiday Traditions

Christmas is a big deal to my family.

Why I Bought Myself a Christmas Present

At some point you’ll want to ask yourself what you’d like your Christmas to be, instead-of-or-in-addition-to what it already is.

The Cost of Moving In Together Over Christmas

When my girlfriend finally got a job in the city, and it finally made sense for her to move out of her parents’ house and in with me, we were both delighted.

The Holiday Costs of Going from Single to Family Lady in 2 Years

Between the holiday seasons of 2014 and 2016, I made the dramatic jump from girlfriend to stepmom (with preteens) in a new (much larger) home.

What I Really Really Want

The Art of Crafting an Amazon Wishlist That People Will Actually Buy From

No One Needs A Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day

Spare Time

What Children’s Literature Teaches Us About Money: Chris Van Allsburg’s ‘The Polar Express’