Budgeting for Charitable Giving on a Non-Profit Grantwriter’s Salary

I was legitimately excited that I would be able to start giving away higher amounts, and more regularly, to organizations and people that I love.

How to Help People Affected by the Government Shutdown

The best way to help seems to be by making donations to food banks and other charitable organizations.

How the New Standard Deduction Will Change Our Charitable Giving

Some people might donate less, now that the tax incentive is reduced. My husband and I plan to donate more.

We Still Don’t Know How Trump’s Inauguration Funding Was Spent

Some of the $107 million was supposed to go to charity.

A Hurricane Maria Donation Roundup

And a Mexico earthquake relief donation roundup.

A Hurricane Irma Donation Roundup

Where should we be donating right now?

A Very Short Post Explaining How I Finally Got Rid of My Mattress Foundation

Happy National Donut Day!

Lyft’s Round Up & Donate Program Lets You Make a Microdonation With Each Ride

The first round of donations will benefit the USO.

Facebook Is Introducing “Personal Fundraisers”