Lyft’s Round Up & Donate Program Lets You Make a Microdonation With Each Ride

Photo credit: Tony Webster, CC BY 2.0.

I am not taking a lot of Lyft rides right now because my income is fully booked through August, but if I were, I would probably opt in to this:

Sit for Something With Round Up & Donate

Lyft was built on the power of a community that gets stronger with each passenger and driver. Starting Monday, May 1, we’re excited to harness the community’s potential with our newest program, Round Up & Donate. Opt in and we’ll round up each fare to the nearest dollar, then donate the difference to a charitable cause.

If you want to participate in Round Up & Donate, you need to update your Lyft app and then opt in to the program under “Settings.”

Lyft has selected the USO as Round Up & Donate’s first recipient, and will be adding additional organizations and causes in the future. It’s not clear whether that means you’ll be able to select the organization to which you want to donate, but Lyft does imply that your donation will be tax-deductible:

On average, Round Up & Donate adds just a few tax-deductible dollars per month. But when millions of us sit for something together, our collective action can make a difference.

Okay, I’m going to update my Lyft app and opt in. How about you?

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