A Hurricane Maria Donation Roundup

Photo credit: Raul Colon, CC BY 2.0.

I didn’t anticipate that The Billfold would have weekly donation roundup posts, but I can’t suggest we only donate after one hurricane and not after them all.

I’m also going to suggest a few donation opportunities for the recent earthquakes in Mexico.

If you’re aware of orgs I missed, please add them in the comments.

Hurricane Maria 

GlobalGiving has expanded its Hurricane Irma Relief Fund into a Caribbean Hurricane Maria and Irma Relief Fund.

Unicef is accepting donations to help with emergency relief.

Beatriz Rosselló, the First Lady of Puerto Rico, is leading a new organization called Unidos por Puerto Rico. They’re accepting donations now and will be having a benefit on October 1:

United by Puerto Rico is an initiative created by the office of First Lady Beatriz Rosselló and a private sector group who joined forces to help those who lost their belongings during the Hurricanes Irma and Maria by Puerto Rico. As part of this effort, a Telethon-like concert will be held on October 1 for the benefit of the victims of the hurricanes that devastated our Island.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and his father Luis A. Miranda, Jr. are asking people to donate to the Hispanic Federation:

There are also two crowdfunding opportunities that I haven’t personally vetted but am sharing anyway: the Caribbean Tourism Organization started a GoFundMe to “help families and countries rebuild after hurricanes,” and the Dominica London High Commission has set up a Hurricane Relief Fund on JustGiving.

Mexico earthquakes

GlobalGiving has a Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund.

Unicef is accepting donations for earthquake relief.

Oxfam is raising money to help emergency responders.

The Mexican Red Cross has an Amazon Wish List of much-needed items like tents and diapers. You can also donate to the Mexican Red Cross directly.

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