In Which I Decide to Go After Financial Independence

According to the Financial Freedom online calculators, at my current earning/saving/expense rate, I could be financially independent in twelve years.

Checking In With My Net Worth and Monthly Spending: February 2019

According to YNAB, my total net worth has increased by $5,538.47, or 6.8%, since I started using the budgeting tool in November.

What I’ve Been Doing While Trying Not to Spend Money

I have a very clean closet right now with a very tidy bathroom to match it.

The First (and Second, and Third) Time I Felt in Control of My Money

I can point to three points in my life when I felt more in control of my money than before.

How Two Budgeting Choices Gave Me Control Over My Money

There were two YNAB categories I never subtracted from even if I managed to overspend in others: savings and debt.

Why I Created a Pop Pilgrimage Fund

A few years ago, a friend and I flew to Las Vegas for one sole purpose: to see Britney Spears and Mariah Carey perform live on consecutive nights.

How Going Cash-Only Helped Me Save Money

It started out as “emergency” money, and slowly transformed into a way to save.

Refining My 2019 Money Goals

And doing the math on how long it might take to achieve them.

Checking In With My Net Worth and Financial Runway: January 2019

My current net worth is $79,708.80.

Checking In With My Savings Plan: November 2018 Edition

In November I received $4,531.81 in freelance income and $15.77 in book royalties, or $4,547.58 total.