How Much Do You Have Left to Spend This Month?

I’ll have spent through all of my October budget by the middle of the month.

Checking In With My Savings Plan: September 2017 Edition

In September, I received $5,285 in freelance earnings and $236.66 in book royalties (plus $8.42 in music income) or $5,530.08 total.

How Much Should We Spend on Crowdfunding?

A new line item for the ol sorta-budget.

In Praise of Spreadsheets

Because no app can do everything.

Putting Together My October Budget

I’m creating a per-item budget for October, and I wanted to show you how it works.

My Boyfriend Makes 5x My Salary: How the Fun Budget Saved Our Relationship

I finally plucked up the courage to have a Conversation About Money. I appreciated the invites and loved spending time together, I told him, but this lifestyle was out of my price range.

My Sister’s (Book)Keeper: Forming Routines and Establishing Habits

Should I Try the 50/20/30 Budget?

What We Save When We Give Up

Making The Most Of It