Staying Put and Staying Broke

Why I don’t plan on leaving Berkeley.

Austerity Didn’t Work for Greece, and it Won’t Work for Us

This is a response to WearsPants’ “Welcome to 2018. We’re Broke!” written by their partner, WearsShorts.

Every Answer My CPA Gave Me

I do not need a business license to be a freelance writer in Iowa.

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Every Question I Plan to Ask My CPA Tomorrow

I hope he doesn’t hate me.

Half of Millennials Have at Least a Three-Month Emergency Fund

And 31 percent of Americans (Millennial or not) have at least a six-month emergency fund!

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Get an Instant Pot, pack a PB&J, and save your dining dollars for friends.

Welcome to 2018. We’re Broke!

As part of our New Year’s Resolution to get out of debt, I’m going to need The Billfold to hold me accountable.

Let’s Get Excited About Investing

So I told you I’d tell you about my NEW 2018 BUDGET, and how it includes PERSONAL NON-RETIREMENT INVESTING.

Checking In With My Savings Plan: December 2017 Edition

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