Financing My Boyfriend’s Dream With My Own

I tried so hard to hide the resentment and worry I felt whenever a joint expense came up. But he knew.

The Argument for Pooling Money in a Relationship

At Longreads, Vanessa Golenia describes what happened when she started dating someone who made significantly less money than she did, and what happened when they decided to combine both their lives and their incomes.

The Cost of a New Relationship

I’ve definitely spent more money in the last few months than when I was single. Being in a new relationship has a way of pushing me to want to experience everything I can with my partner.

On Love and Cohabitation

Today’s must-read essay comes from Carolita Johnson at Longreads, in which she “tallies the costs and benefits of love and cohabitation as a woman artist living in a patriarchy.”

We Have to Discuss This Clarinet Story

As soon as I saw it, I thought “we have to talk about this on The Billfold.”

Why Separate Bank Accounts Have Been a Relationship Game-Changer

First, let me say my husband and I are obviously slow learners. We tried to have a joint checking account for 20 years.

I Knew My Relationship Was Doomed When My Boyfriend Revealed He Didn’t Know How Credit Works

“Yeah, I just leave a little unpaid every month. That’s a good way to increase your credit.”

Debt Free by the Big Day

I wanted to pay off all my credit card debt by our wedding day.

Lying About Money Can Be Worse Than Cheating, and Other Relationship News

Since I am not currently in a relationship, I’m going to have to turn to the Google News tab to learn how today’s couples are handling their finances.

In Relationships, Should the Person Working Fewer Hours Support the Person Working More?

We’re about to start our Money and Relationships series here at The Billfold, and The Cut’s newest Money Mom column fits right in to this discussion.

It Felt Weird When He Paid

By Fourth of July, I moved to D.C. with $4,000.

My Wife and I Fought About Money, So We Created a System to Fix It