Checking In With My Net Worth and Monthly Spending: February 2019

According to YNAB, my total net worth has increased by $5,538.47, or 6.8%, since I started using the budgeting tool in November.

How Two Budgeting Choices Gave Me Control Over My Money

There were two YNAB categories I never subtracted from even if I managed to overspend in others: savings and debt.

How Going Cash-Only Helped Me Save Money

It started out as “emergency” money, and slowly transformed into a way to save.

What Happens When You Follow Textbook Financial Advice?

The Washington Post just launched a new series called “Growth,” and the first installment is titled “I was failing at my relationship with money. Here’s what I did to fix it.”

My Family Clothing Budget: The Good, the Bad, and the Big

In our house there is a 12-year-old girl, a 16-year-old boy, my husband, and me.

Welcome to Spring 2018. We’re Less Broke!

Before starting this challenge, I didn’t even know the extent to which we were in debt.

Finishing Up the NYT’s 7-Day Financial Tuneup

I know that some of you signed up for the NYT’s 7-Day Financial Tuneup a day or two after I did, so you might not yet have received all seven emails. Here’s your spoiler warning.

Evaluating Days 2 and 3 of the NYT’s 7-Day Financial Tuneup

I haven’t gotten as much out of these exercises as I did out of that first question about identifying our values.

Have You Signed Up for The New York Times’ 7-Day Financial Tuneup?

I’m always looking for new insights into my finances!

What If My Grocery Bill Is So Much Lower Because I’m Using the Online Delivery Service?

I’m not tempted by the latest limited-edition Oreos because I have no idea what they are.

Checking In With My Groceries vs. Toiletries Project

Remember how I said I was going to separate out grocery and household/toiletry spending in 2018?

Austerity Didn’t Work for Greece, and it Won’t Work for Us

This is a response to WearsPants’ “Welcome to 2018. We’re Broke!” written by their partner, WearsShorts.

What I Learned From Setting a Limit on My Restaurant Spending

Get an Instant Pot, pack a PB&J, and save your dining dollars for friends.

Welcome to 2018. We’re Broke!

As part of our New Year’s Resolution to get out of debt, I’m going to need The Billfold to hold me accountable.

Why My Fiancé and I Set Gift Allowances for the Holidays

It’s not that I hate Christmas. It’s just that I’m one of the many people for whom the holiday season brings a surge of depression and anxiety rather than a rush of joy.

Everything I Need to Do With My Money in 2018

Plus a few things I want to do with it.

Planning My 2018 Budget

Here’s what I know about my 2018 overhead expenses.

How My Budget Is Like a Personal Pan Pizza

I don’t get rewards unless I earn them.

We Divided All of Our Irregular Expenses By 12, and Set Aside That Much Money Every Month

It completely changed the way our family did money.

Put It Under Miscellaneous!

Why I’m not a fan of this catch-all category.

Putting Together My October Budget

I’m creating a per-item budget for October, and I wanted to show you how it works.

Confessions From the Sorta-Budgeting Life

Paying attention to your money versus allocating every dollar.