The Cost of Being Cold

I live in Minnesota where the wind chill got down to -51 degrees Fahrenheit this week.

My 2019 Resolution: Break Up With Amazon

I’ve started to think about an Amazon-less future.

The 11 Types of Financial Friends

Despite the fact that we all have different friends, I suspect many of us have the same types of friends — at least where money is concerned.

The Cost of Discovering My Child Is Terrible at Soccer

I could give the highlights of her first season, but there aren’t that many.

TV Characters With Terrible Credit Scores

As a pop culture junkie, I have devoted far too much time to thinking about the lives of fictional characters.

The Cost of Taking a Family Vacation Via Train

I was happy to pay extra for a sleeping car rather than try to figure out how to get kids to sleep in the coach section of the train.

Clothes, Shopping, and the “Fat Tax”

Welcome to the fun world of being a size 20.

How My Food Budget Changed When I Decided to Lose Weight

I started tracking how changing my eating habits would affect the family’s grocery costs.

Planning for Retirement When There’s an Age Gap in Your Relationship

My husband is 17 years older than I am. When should we plan to retire?

I’ve Had 12 Homes In the Past 15 Years

It was time to put down some roots.