Here Are Some Articles to Read While You Wait on Election Returns

From Vox: Spend “Frivolously” and Be Penalized Under China’s New Social Credit System:

In 2020, China will fully roll out its controversial social credit score. Under the system, both financial behaviors like “frivolous spending” and bad behaviors like lighting up in smoke-free zones can result in stiff consequences. Penalties include loss of employment and educational opportunities, as well as transportation restrictions. Those with high scores get perks, like discounts on utility bills and faster application processes to travel abroad.

From The Atlantic: Income Inequality Explains the Decline in Youth Sports:

“Kids’ sports has seen an explosion of travel-team culture, where rich parents are writing a $3,000 check to get their kids on super teams from two counties, or two states, away,” said Tom Farrey, the executive director of Aspen’s Sports & Society program. Expensive travel leagues siphon off talented young athletes from well-off families, leaving behind desiccated local leagues with fewer players, fewer involved parents, and fewer resources.

From The Cut (and Ask a Manager): 10 Impressive Questions to Ask in a Job Interview:

“How would you describe the culture here? What type of people tend to really thrive here, and what type don’t do as well?”

And from The Outline: My Apple Watch Became an Excuse Not to Take Care of Myself:

The fear is that people will learn to put more trust in their $400 phone companion than they do in their own bodies — you can’t breathe at night and it feels like there’s a moth trapped in your chest, but the watch hasn’t said anything, and so you absolve yourself of having to spend the money you don’t have on a doctor visit.

Use these to help you get through the next who knows how many hours — whether you’re waiting on election results or waiting in line to VOTE.

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash.

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