An Open Thread on End-of-Year Goals

Photo credit: Dafne Cholet, CC BY 2.0.

We used to have a weekly Share Your Successes column, and then y’all suggested switching it to a monthly “discuss your successes/failures/goals” column, and I was going to do that today except I realized I’m no longer thinking of my financial goals in terms of what I can get done this month.

Instead, I’m thinking about what I want to happen by the end of the year.

For The Billfold, I want to:

  • Keep reaching out to potential sponsors and advertisers (to increase total site revenue)
  • Get Financial Fairy Tales published
  • Develop/execute a marketing strategy for FFT that targets audiences beyond Billfold readers
  • Plan a Q1 2019 budget that boosts freelancer pay and, if there’s money left over after hitting that goal, boosts my own pay as well

For my personal finances, I want to:

  • Get my net worth as close to $100,000 as possible (it helps that I don’t anticipate any major expenses or even a lot of minor expenses until The Holidays, so I’m banking on being able to bank the majority of my earnings)

What about you? Let’s open the thread to discuss end of year goals, or… um… anything else you’d like to discuss (YES I AM WATCHING THE NEWS IN THE OTHER TAB).

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