Refining My 2019 Money Goals

And doing the math on how long it might take to achieve them.

Not Buying It: An Update on My Clothing Purchases in 2018

My goals for 2018 were: to buy no clothing for the first three months of the year; to buy fewer clothes and spend less money than in previous years; and to make more ethical purchases.

My 2019 Resolutions (and Goals)

My 2019 resolution is the same as my 2018 resolution: to close the bathroom door every time I use the toilet.

My 2019 Resolution: Be Less Thrifty and More Thoughtful

No matter what I do, I always suspect that I could have economized better.

My 2019 Resolution: Do More Things That Don’t Make Any Money

I found myself getting to the end of every day with lots of work done and very little life stuff done.

My 2019 Resolution: Break Up With Amazon

I’ve started to think about an Amazon-less future.

I Want to Spend 2019 Sending Handwritten Cards to My Loved Ones

A rare moment of kid-like excitement washes over me when I find a brightly colored envelope in the mail.

Use YearCompass to Close Out 2018 and Set 2019 Goals

YearCompass suggests setting aside three hours to look back on your year and one hour to look forward, with a break in between.

Dear Businesslady: How Do I Manage?

Advice on being a boss.

An Open Thread About Monthly Financial Goals

It’s the beginning of the month (or close enough, anyway) which means it’s time to discuss our monthly financial goals.