An Open Thread on Monthly Goals

It’s still technically the beginning of February and we haven’t discussed our monthly financial goals yet.

A “Why Is the Government STILL SHUT DOWN” Open Thread

Sorry to turn this open thread into another News Roundup.

An Open Thread on Inventing Things That Already Exist

Today I literally thought to myself “I wish there were an easy way that we could all share a little bit of our income to help government workers get paid.”

An Open Thread About Really Good Presents

Earlier this week, Jenny Tolep invited us to share the worst gift we’d ever received (or given);¬†today, I’ll open the thread to discuss the best gifts we’ve ever received (or given).

An Open Thread About Monthly Financial Goals

It’s the beginning of the month (or close enough, anyway) which means it’s time to discuss our monthly financial goals.

An Open Thread on End-of-Year Goals

Where do you want your finances to be at the end of the year?

An Open Thread About Life Insurance

If you elect to give John Hancock your wearable data¬†and you’re a good little wearable wearer, you could earn gift cards for your healthy habits!

An Open Thread About Keeping Your Income Private

Do you have honest conversations about money when you’re not on The Billfold?

A Facebook Open Thread

I don’t know how closely you follow Facebook news, but Mark Zuckerberg recently went from being the third-richest person in the world to the sixth.

A Pet Pampering Open Thread

No Friday Chat this week, but I did want to share this NYT article about what people are buying for their pets, these days.