Jurors Decide to Pay a Convicted Woman’s Fine

Photo credit: JMacPherson, CC BY 2.0.

Today in “it looks like it’s time to update Twelve Angry Men again,” we go to the Washington Post:

What the jury did was extraordinary. They felt bad for the young woman, pregnant with her second child, and agreed that she had made a dumb, youthful mistake [by stealing three rings from a home she was cleaning]. Reluctantly, they convicted her of the felony. But the fine they imposed was her daily pay as a maid, $60. And then they took up a collection and gave her the money to pay the fine.

You’ll want to read the whole story for the details—including the response from the woman whose rings, worth $5,000, had been stolen.

But I love the idea that a jury can both agree that a person is guilty and agree that they’re going to help her.

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