How to Trick Your Date Into Revealing Their Financial Status

Photo credit: Waferboard, CC BY 2.0.

On the heels of yesterday’s post about the lies we tell while dating, CNBC has some thoughts on how to trick your date into revealing how much money they have:

To start, ask some simple questions that indirectly tell you a lot about how the other person thinks when it comes to money, says Denise Hughes, a money coach based in San Carlos, Calif.

“Maybe in the beginning there’s some lightness to it: ‘I’m really interested in how you grew up. ‘How did you grow up? What part of the country?'” she suggests. “‘What was your dad like? What was your mom like?’ And then those conversations get to the professions of the parents, what people did and what the lifestyle was back then.”

The goal isn’t to get an actual number—CNBC makes it clear that these are first-date questions—but to, you know, make some assumptions about your date’s socioeconomic status. Or, as the article puts it: “Do they have fear or confidence when it comes to managing their money?”

Basically, CNBC is asking us all to Angelica Schuyler our way through our first dates, which… worked out really well for everyone involved.

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