Classic Billfold: What I Wanted From My Move to Portland and What I Got

I was on my third major U.S. city and while I’d loved Columbus, Chicago, and Portland, I had never felt a sense of destiny with any of them.

How to Survive on a Beginner Freelance Salary: Move to India

Moving to Bombay, India’s New York, helped me go from breaking even to living large.

The Cost of a New Life: Part Three

I found out my house was for sale last month.

The Cost of a New Life: Part Two was supposed to contact me about the replacement cabinet dowels within a week.

Back in Seattle

I’m still glad I moved to Iowa.

Places I’ve Lived: China and Canada Edition

Many short-term rentals in Shanghai, Toronto, and beyond.

On Rural Areas and Creativity

I don’t feel like I live in a rural area, especially after having grown up in a tiny Midwestern town.

The Unexpected Costs of Leaving

I had planned for the cost of renting a moving van and so on, but the “goodbye Ann Arbor” expenses added up quickly.

In Praise of Staying Put

As someone who never really meant to stay in London, the idea of going somewhere else kept circling.

Constantly Moving as a Kid Might Have Messed Up My Money Skills

By the time I was eighteen, I had moved eight times with my immediate family.