On Rural Areas and Creativity

I don’t feel like I live in a rural area, especially after having grown up in a tiny Midwestern town.

The Unexpected Costs of Leaving

I had planned for the cost of renting a moving van and so on, but the “goodbye Ann Arbor” expenses added up quickly.

In Praise of Staying Put

As someone who never really meant to stay in London, the idea of going somewhere else kept circling.

Constantly Moving as a Kid Might Have Messed Up My Money Skills

By the time I was eighteen, I had moved eight times with my immediate family.

The Worst Moving Experience of My Life

It was also the weekend I had my first date with my now-boyfriend.

On Whether I Should Move Back to America After Almost a Decade Abroad

I’m a permanent resident of the European Union. My application was approved last week; I can stay forever.

How a Sales Analyst Who Is Planning to Leave Milwaukee Does Money

Jenna (not her real name) is a sales analyst in Milwaukee.

The Cost of Buying a Flat in East London

Here’s what it’s cost us over the past year to buy and live in the flat we now call home.

Moving Forward by Standing Still

This year, we’re not going to do anything new. Instead, we’re going to reinvest our time and effort into things we’re already doing, but not as well as we should.

Why We’re Moving Into Our Parents’ Condo

It’s further away from our jobs. We won’t save much money right away. But we can start building a future.