Wow, We’re Buying a Lot of Avocado Toast

But we’re not even spending “apartment rent money” on our toast, much less “down payment money.”

Photo credit: Matvevna, CC0 Public Domain.

So… you all saw this, right?

Americans Are Spending At Least $900,000 Per Month on Avocado Toast

Square, a tech company that helps businesses process credit card payments, crunched data from sellers around the U.S. and found that Americans are spending nearly $900,000 per month on crusty bread topped with mashed green fruit. That’s a huge increase from what the company was seeing in 2014, when Square’s sellers were only moving $17,000 worth of avocado toast per month.

Obviously I want to know how many sellers were using Square in 2014 vs. 2017, how many of those sellers even had avocado toast on the menu in 2014, and whether individual sellers who did have avocado toast three years ago are still selling roughly the same amount of it.

But okay, a lot of people are buying avocado toast. How much money are they wasting per meal?

Based on data from hundreds of Square sellers, the company found the average cost to be $6.78, with the cheapest avocado toast going for $2 and the most expensive going for $18.

Square notes that the highest number of avocado toast consumers are in San Francisco—which says just as much about the ubiquity of Square in San Francisco as anything else—and gives us the local toast-to-house conversion:

In fact, a person would have to save the equivalent of 475 of those mashes just to afford one month’s rent on the average San Francisco apartment.

There are only 93 meals in a month, assuming three meals per day, so… enjoy eating negative food!

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