Whole Foods Is Amazon Now

Let’s discuss.

Photo credit: Mike Mozart, CC BY 2.0.

The thing about news that drops on Friday afternoon is that I know I won’t be able to talk about it on The Billfold until Monday, and I am already antsy to see what everyone thinks about the AMAZON ACQUIRES WHOLE FOODS announcement.

What’s going to happen? Are all the Amazon Whole Foods going to switch to that no-checkout system, where the store just knows when you take something off the shelf?

Also, should we be worried that Amazon wants to become a “top five grocery?”

Amazon ‘will be a top 5 grocer in the U.S.’ with Whole Foods acquisition

“The Whole Foods customer is the Prime customer,” said Smith, who defines the demographic as “high- earning, young millennials.” Amazon is asking itself how it can “capture as much of their wallet as possible.”

To that end, it’s not Amazon’s goal to necessarily be the top grocer overall in the U.S. Rather, according to Smith, Amazon wants to be among the top five in its core markets, places where these affluent millennials can be found: San Francisco; New York City; Boston; Austin, Texas; and Philadelphia.

Hahahahaha now I feel left out because I’m a Millennial who shops at Safeway. Whole Foods is, like, a treat.

Also, it’s really interesting that Amazon does not list “Seattle” among its core markets. (That’s, like, not rooting for the home team.)

What do you think about the Whole Foods acquisition? Are you going to let Amazon “capture” a little bit more of your wallet?

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