Tracking Abundance in Our Grocery Budget

I’ve started tracking these freebies in my budget, creating a line-item for everything we receive that costs $0 — and it’s helping me change the way I think about my budget overall.

Weekly Themed Dinners Saved Our Grocery Budget

We don’t have Taco Tuesday, but we do have Breakfast-for-Dinner Wednesday.

Buying One Luxury Food Item per Week Keeps Me on Budget and Happy in the Kitchen

It started with zoodles.

I Am Ready for Amazon Whole Foods Delivery

Even though I won’t actually be able to use it.

Yes, Amazon Whole Foods Groceries Are Cheaper

The New York Times checked—and I’m going to check too.

How Can We Keep Track of “Regular Prices?”

In Which I Gingerly Poke at Amazon Subscribe & Save

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How Much Money Could I Be Saving If I Bought Household Goods With Coupons?

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