Three Longreads on the Stuff We Buy and Sell

All of which focus on — you guessed it — Amazon.

My 2019 Resolution: Break Up With Amazon

I’ve started to think about an Amazon-less future.

Dear Businesslady: “That’s Not in My Job Description”

Advice for distinguishing between inappropriate and acceptable impositions on your work-time.

Amazon Prime Day, and a Longread About the Outdoor Gear Industry

“We couldn’t have done it without Amazon,” Klymit CEO Cory Tholl says, before the article details all of the ways that Amazon is cutting into Klymit’s profits.

On Delivering for Amazon Flex

Today’s must-read essay comes from Alana Semuels, at The Atlantic.

I Am Ready for Amazon Whole Foods Delivery

Even though I won’t actually be able to use it.

Guess Which New Grocery Store Doesn’t Accept Food Stamps?

Here’s a hint: this store doesn’t take credit cards, either.

Alexa Might Get Paid to Suggest Specific Products

For some people, this will be a good thing. Paradox of choice and all.

How a Third-Party Amazon Seller Does Money

Sara (not her real name) is a third-party Amazon seller.

How Small Brands Try to Make It on Amazon

They need to compete in two areas: price and reviews.