Job of the Day: Amazon Work-From-Home Customer Service Associate

Must be available to take any shift between 3 a.m. and midnight.

Photo credit: Akira Ohgaki (cropped), CC BY 2.0.

Here’s a tip I just got from a Billfolder:

Amazon hiring seasonal work-from-home positions

Looking to make a little extra money for the holiday shopping season? Amazon is hiring seasonal customer service associates to help answer customers’ questions and problem-solve any issues.

Amazon is hiring work-from-home customer service representatives, which sounds on the surface like it could be a pretty great gig. The pay is $10 an hour, and there’s no commute. What’s the catch? The job listing states that applicants must have “Ability to take any shift Sunday through Saturday from 3:00am to Midnight Pacific Time zone.”

So… not quite 24-hour availability, but close. Amazon is offering this job in several states, and here’s how their Virginia listing describes the position:

Amazon High Volume Hiring

Our Virtual Contact Center is open from 3AM — Midnight Pacific Time. Being able to work an assigned schedule that falls within our operating hours is required and expected. Available shifts may include days, afternoons and evenings. Typically, they include one or both weekend days and schedules may change throughout the duration of your employment. There may be at times mandatory overtime, based on business needs. Associates may work up to, but no more than 60 hours a week.

Working hours for all staff increase substantially during our peak season (Thanksgiving through mid-January). In order to support our customers, vacation requests are not granted during our peak season unless otherwise required by law. You may also be required to work on any/all major holidays. If you’re a student, we’ll do our best to work around your school schedule!

It’s been years since I’ve worked in a retail or customer service position, and maybe this is just the way things are now: if you want a job, you must be available to take any shift between 3 a.m. and midnight, and be ready to work up to 60 hours a week. (But no commute!)

Is Amazon asking too much of its work-from-home CSRs, or is this pretty much standard for the industry?

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