How Many of Us Worked on Labor Day?

Let’s tally it up.

Let’s check in: how many of us spent at least part of Labor Day working?

Maybe our workplace was open on Labor Day, like Susan Harlan’s poem from this morning, and maybe our workplace was closed but we were still using Labor Day as a way to catch up on (or get ahead on) work.

Poem About Labor Day at Your University (draft)

You might remember Mike’s post on how a lot of people use the last day of the weekend as an unofficial workday:

When Tuesday Begins to Feel like Wednesday

If you’re at work on Tuesday and it feels like you’re already in the middle of the workweek, it might be because you’ve fallen into a routine of getting a jump on Monday by starting work on Sunday.

I did two hours of freelance work on Labor Day, although I could have cut that down to just one hour if I had worked a little longer last Friday.

What about you?

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