What Should I Buy My Partner’s Parents?

Yesterday we talked about whether my boyfriend and I are ready to cohabitate; today, more imminently, I need your advice on what is an appropriate, “Hello, nice to meet you, I’m moving in with your son” gift.

I’ll be meeting them for the first time in a couple of weeks — we’re travelling to Halifax where they’ll host us for five days. I have been conditioned not to show up empty handed in these situations, but boyfriend has been of no help.

“What about a nice bottle of wine?”

“They don’t drink.”

“How about flowers?”

“You can’t carry those on the plane.”

“Maybe a nice piece of pottery?”

“They only like useful things.”

Apparently the best gift they’ve ever received was a T.V. tray from his ex-girlfriend. SUPER HELPFUL.

So, Billfolders: What is appropriate in this situation? What is the gift that says, “We like and appreciate this but feel not at all overwhelmed or burdened and are now wholly comfortable entrusting our only male heir to your capable, hardworking, and yet butter-soft hands.”?

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