Money Saved* While Skimping on Air Conditioning

easy as pie

Skimping on air conditioning is frequently suggested as a way to keep costs down in the summer. Curious? Me, too.

Here are the costs I incurred during the three days I tried to delude myself into believing that I didn’t need an air conditioner after I’d moved to a new apartment.

Three boxes of natural fruit pops: $18

Popsicles would’ve been a cheaper alternative, but at the rate I was going through them, I wanted to at least pick a more healthful frozen treat.

Ticket to see Jurassic World, hot dog, soda, Dippin’ Dots: $30

What better way to escape the heat than in a cold dark movie theater? Of course I’d eaten nothing but frozen fruit pops all day, so I needed to order some substantial food, too.

Can of Evian misting water: $13

I thought about filling a spray bottle with ice water to mist my face, but felt there was a certain indignity in being sprayed like a cat that was caught scratching the furniture.

Ticket to see The Sound and the Fury at The Public Theater: $65

This was like the Evian misting water alternative to seeing a movie, because I couldn’t bring myself to see Ted 2 or the Entourage movie.

Membership to The Public Theater: another $65

The Public Theater is a national treasure and I felt like I needed to do my part to help them keep making awesome theatre. Also, their lobby is air conditioned and they have one of the nicest public restrooms in the city.

Iced coffee: $4

I didn’t have the foresight to brew a pot of coffee the night before to stick in the fridge, and I couldn’t bear the thought of a hot cup of coffee that morning.

Total cost spent trying to stay cool: $285

Cost of the air conditioner I eventually bought at PC Richards: $189

Money saved: -$96

Dyan Flores is a musical theatre writer and arts administrator who lives in New York City. She now knows that you can’t put a price on not having your face sweat. You can find her on Twitter.

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