Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

It’s time. If you are ready, willing, and prepared, please drop into the comment box the answers to these questions:

1. How much did you spend on presents this year?

2. How much did your most expensive gift cost?

3. How about the least expensive gift?

4. Did you make a budget before you began shopping for presents?

5. If yes to #4, did you stay within your budget?

6. Did you put any presents on a (gasp!) credit card.

7. Do you feel like you spent “the right amount” on presents this year?

My answers are after the jump:

1. I spent $207.09 on presents this year. (Technically I have one gift left to buy, but I factored its cost into the $207.09.)

2. My most expensive gift cost $40.

3. My least expensive gift cost $3.99.

4. I didn’t make a budget before I started shopping for presents.

5. Not applicable.

6. Nope, put everything on debit.

7. I feel like I spent the right amount on gifts this year. I got everyone something they wanted, I got my sister both a real present and a ridiculous one, and I didn’t worry about counting my pennies while I was shopping.

Your turn. Tell us EVERYTHING.

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