Millennials All For Socialism, Don’t Know What It Means

According to new research, millennials like, dislike everything. Some of the things they think they like, they simply don’t understand, like socialism: “Only 16% of millennials can accurately define socialism, making it less surprising that up to 42% prefer socialism and 52% favor capitalism.”

Possible definitions of socialism, according to the millennials surveyed: 1) soft-serve ice cream; 2) kittens playing in a box; 3) rain that only falls at night; 4) small, affordable cities with good weather, a cultural scene, public transportation, and available jobs; 5) teleportation.

Anyway, who really knows how to define socialism vs. capitalism? If we pop quizzed you, would you satisfy the test-takers? What’d you get on your Socialism AP Test, huh, smart guy?

Here are some more awesome results.

Support for activist government declines as millennials learn its costs,
make more money, and take on more responsibilities.

• When tax rates are not explicit, 54% of millennials favor “larger government
with more services” and 43% prefer “smaller government with fewer
services.” But once tax rates are mentioned, support flips and 57% favor
smaller government and 41% want larger government.
• Among millennials making less than $20,000 a year, 53% support income
redistribution and 39% oppose. Among those making $40,000 or more
annually, support flips: 42% support and 54% oppose.

• Millennials who pay for their health insurance oppose paying more to
provide coverage to the uninsured (39% to 59%), but millennials whose
parents’ pay favor increased premiums (57% to 42%).

• When millennials learn they may get back less from Social Security than
they contribute, 51% support private retirement accounts even if doing so
cuts benefits to current seniors. …

Millennials are favorable to business, entrepreneurship, and government.

• Millennials have a positive view of competition (70%) and profit (64%), and
55% say they’d like to start their own business one day.
• Millennials firmly oppose a state-managed economy: 64% prefer a free
market over an economy managed by the government (32%).
• But millennials also favor active government. A plurality (48%) say
government should do more to solve problems, and 58% say the state
should spend more on assistance to the poor. Seven in 10 support public
guarantees for housing, health insurance, and income.

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