Let 1 Thing Go

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

Today my 1 thing is to have a chat with Meaghan O’Connell about 1 thing. Unlike most 1 things, I’ve ~already done it~.

Logan: Meaghan this is a chat in which I would like to accomplish 2 things: Tell you I don’t want to do 1 thing anymore because I’ve done all the possible things there are to do (ha), and also ask you to take over doing 1 thing. Do you have any thoughts on either of these matters y/n

Meaghan: I am afraid that my 1 things will be embarrassing, or that I won’t actually be willing to do them. I think putting off doing my own personal one things is a way to punish myself because I don’t deserve to be a person who does the things on her to-do list. So like, if I do the Things what else do I have to confront about myself. AM I ACTUALLY LOVABLE.

LS: Whoa that is deep. Whoa. WHOA. Is that why I have such a problem with this??!?!??!!?

MOC: Maybe? I feel like if ever I am feeling good I’ll be like, Well but you didn’t call the doctor, you monster!

LS: Wait maybe this post is why I hate myself. Should we discontinue Do 1 Thing!??!?!?


LS: Is it a good thing gone bad??

MOC: I don’t know, I feel like other people like it. Like they just do things

LS: It’s never really worked for me

MOC: Did you ever do the things because of the post

LS: Maybe at first because I felt like I had to do the thing to write the post. But then I was realized, Oh I can just say I’m going to do something, and that’s not lying, because I might do it, and I always intended to do it, but sometimes I didn’t do it.

MOC: But then the post became the thing

LS: The post became the thing!

MOC: Yeah that would/will happen to me, too. Ha. Mike should be the 1 Thing person, except he probably just does his things immediately. And has a great explanation for why.

LS: Yes he’s explained this to me, the concept doesn’t make sense to him, to do something once a week, because he’s like, wait why wouldn’t you just do it as soon as you needed to do it.

MOC: ‘Why let it linger and make you feel bad all week?’ WHY, INDEED.


MOC: Because we are complicated emotional people?!?!

LS: Maybe someone who likes 1 thing should take over the posts each week, since they stress you out, and they stress me out, and Mike is like, 1 thing what. We could have auditions.

MOC: Hahaha. We need someone of average neuroses.

LS: hahhaha yes.

MOC: And I certainly don’t know anyone who qualifies

LS: No I don’t either, not at all. Omg I just had an EVEN BETTER IDEA.

MOC: What is it!

LS: Okay so like, we could take everyone else’s 1 things, from the comments, and just use those, and preschedule the posts, and then we’ll never have to think about our own 1 thing ever again, except if we see the post and then we can be like, oh yeah, I should call the chiropractor, or whatever. “FEATURED 1 THING”

MOC: Ooh like, “Last week, Jennifer called about her car insurance.” Or should it be a follow-up, like, I email someone from the comments to ask them if they did their Thing and how it went? Taking my own life out of it?

LS: YES. LESS US MORE THEM. The followups sound like work, but if you like work, GO AHEAD.

MOC: Can we ask the readers to tell us what they like about 1 thing and make a case for it to continue?

LS: YEP. READERS. Is this weekly post helpful AT ALL, or it just a reminder that you are a slob who can’t get your shit together? Answer in the comments okay bye.

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