Can We Talk About the Aldi Grocery Store Chain?

Has anyone ever been to one? I have not, but apparently it is owned by the brother of Trader Joe, and according to Rebecca Schuman at Slate, it is the best grocery store in America:

Aldi also private-labels (those $1.99 “Millville” Rice Squares are Chex, you guys!), but what makes it a more exciting venture — and even cheaper than Trader Joe’s — is that it has imported the entire German grocery experience (aside, alas, from employees yelling at you if you do something wrong).

If you’ve ever visited Germany, you’ve noticed that a 4-ounce glass of juice at a restaurant may run you $10, while groceries — often of much higher quality than their American counterparts — will be noticeably less expensive. This is in part because of cost-cutting shopping practices whose arrival stateside I greet with a robust “Wunderbar!”

Hmm. This does sound nice but I will remain loyal to Publix until I have more first-hand accounts.

Photo: Nicholas Eckhart