$12 Guac? Yes, $12 Guac

In New York, Rebecca Flint Marx explores why guacamole is so expensive, and discovers that maybe it isn’t so expensive after all. In fact, maybe those of us who scoff at $12 guac are ACTUALLY just racist and terrible: “Part of our expectation that guacamole is expensive may also come down to the pervasive and unfair assumption that, as [Empellón’s Alex Stupak] says, ‘anything Mexican should be cheap.’ The same diners who will fork over $23 for eggs Benedict or $40 for a bottle of wine that retails for $10, kvetch at the notion of paying more than $3 for a taco. As [La Newyorkina owner Fany Gerson] points out, ‘people have no problem paying $30 for a bowl of pasta, but if you go to a Mexican restaurant and they ask for $30 for mole enchiladas, then people [think] because it’s from Mexico it should be less.’”