Get Stuff Done by Doing This Stuff

Joshua Brown is The Reformed Broker. His blog is A+ and great fun, and he’s made a list of SEVEN WAYS to make 2013 your MOST PRODUCTIVE YEAR EVER! He wrote that headline with a smirk, which is why I like him.

ANYWAY, his hot tips are actually good and I feel inspired (kind of) after reading his list and MAYBE YOU WILL TOO?!? Thing three is “change your listening habits,” and by that he means: Listen to rap in the morning. HE MAKES A GOOD CASE: “I respect accordion skills and lyrical romanticism as much as the next guy — but whom do I want to emulate more in my business dealings each day — the Decemberists or Dr Dre? One of them is worth $260 million and just built and sold the Beats Audio headphone company as a side project. The other one is really great at tying scarves.”