Throwback Thursday: The Cost of Buying a Washer/Dryer from Sears Outlet When Six (then Seven) Months Pregnant

It’s very clear that this dryer will not be arriving within the next week, or maybe month, and certainly not without continued time and effort on my part.

The Top 10 Mugs I Ever Bought

Not too long after we started dating, my boyfriend took a look at my kitchen and said, “For a single woman, you sure have a lot of mugs.”

The BugZooka Is My Favorite Unnecessary Purchase

The first time I successfully trapped an unsuspecting insect, I laughed maniacally with glee.

How Has Halloween Candy Changed in Price Since 2014?

Four years ago, I tallied up a bunch of popular Halloween candy “assortments” (aka “giant bags of mixed candy”) and ranked them by cost per candy and cost per ounce.

A Series of Weird Impulse Buys, Ranked on a Scale of 0-10

In which 0 equals “no regrets” and 10 equals “all regrets.”

Throwback Thursday: 9 Money-Saving Tips From My Mom

Why spend money on lunch? Costco has copious free samples.

Throwback Thursday: In Defense of Cheap Toilet Paper

It will never be valuable to me to put even a few dollars more toward name-brand TP.

The Cost of Trying to Watch All of Adventure Time

You know, now that it’s over.

An Apple GiveBack Update

So I wanted to tell you all how my Apple GiveBack laptop trade-in went, because it turned out to be a MODERATELY FRUSTRATING PROCESS!

Throwback Thursday: Generic Products I’ll Never Waste Money on Again

It’s an extra dollar for the blue box. That proprietary blend of artificial cheese flavors just can’t be beat.