August Grocery Spending: How Do I Avoid Making So Many Trips to the Supermarket?

My grocery-shopping concern is about the time I spend at the store, not the money.  

Keeping Myself Accountable by Writing Down My Clothing Purchases

I’ve been writing down my clothing purchases since 2015.

The Cost of Upgrading My Underwear Drawer

How much should a grown woman spend on underwear?

My Family Clothing Budget: The Good, the Bad, and the Big

In our house there is a 12-year-old girl, a 16-year-old boy, my husband, and me.

Dress for the Job You Have

This purchase would mark my transition from the casual wardrobes of grad school and summer camp into the sobering reality of the modern American office workplace.

What’s the Difference Between Necessity and “Self-Care?”

At Man Repeller, Callie Ahlgrim has an essay titled “Uh Oh: I Spent Almost $600 on “Self-Care” in June.”

Clothes, Shopping, and the “Fat Tax”

Welcome to the fun world of being a size 20.

I Don’t Buy the Outfit — I Buy the Promise

Clothes are rarely what I want them to be, and it’s because I expect too much from them.

Construction Is Not Cheap

I needed a bra that was constructed like an expensive house — stylishly keeping everything in, looking good inside and out, and holding up over time.

A Clothing Return Roundtable

I asked a group of friends about their outlook on returns and how return policies affected their shopping habits.