The Cost of Halloween Decorating

What would Morticia do?

Guess Who’s Having Another Sale?

I promise I won’t run this experiment every time Old Navy has a sale.

In Which I Discover Exactly How Much I’m “Saving” On Old Navy Promotions


The Cost of a Maternity Wardrobe

I can get through my pregnancy with one pair of jeans.

All the Clothes I Bought Online

Shopping the Labor Day sales!

I Only Buy Six Items of Clothing per Season

I do stretch this rule quite a bit—workout clothes don’t count, a tote bag doesn’t count, the like-new Danskos I found at Crossroads ($22.50) didn’t count because, I don’t know, they’re waterproof? Maybe shoes shouldn’t count, period.

I’m Beginning to Hate My Grocery Deals App

Why does it always have deals for EXACTLY what I’m planning to buy?

Halfway and Half-Assed: Loyalty Cards I Have Neglected

I have six Hale & Hearty cards at the bottoms of old purses.

Am I Spending More Money on Groceries Now That I’m Using My Grocery Deals App?

Yes. But not by much, and I’m building a stockpile of food and toiletries.