The Cost of Wearing the Same Thing Every Day

Not, like, the EXACT same thing.

How to Spend Your Prepaid Debit Gift Cards

Without leaving too much of the balance unclaimed.

Apparently I’m Ahead of the “Buy All Your Groceries Online” Trend

I just put in my Hy-Vee Aisles Online order for February: 28 dinners, 18 pieces of fruit (to eat at lunch with my Huel), and assorted afternoon snacks.

Add Toys “R” Us to the List of Things Millennials Killed

The Toys “R” Us kids aren’t shopping there for their own children.

Checking In With My Groceries vs. Toiletries Project

Remember how I said I was going to separate out grocery and household/toiletry spending in 2018?

Buy Everyone the Same Gift

It’ll make your holidays so much easier.

Want, Need, Wear, Read: How a Simple Saying Helps Me Keep My Holiday Spending Under Control

I allot around $50–75 to each category, for a total of $200–300 per kid.

Yesterday Was the Biggest Online Shopping Day in U.S. History

Did you make an online purchase on Cyber Monday?

Jeff Bezos Is a $100 Billionaire

Thanks, holiday shoppers!

How Mall Kiosk Workers Do Money

And how they sell you stuff you didn’t know you wanted.