This Week in Pods

Move over, clamshells. It’s POD TIME.

An Open Thread About Tipping on a Muffin

Some counter service staff also dislike these tip prompts, especially when they have to explain to a confused customer why the iPad is asking them to tip on a muffin pulled out of a display case. 

The Cost of a Night at Minibar

The meal we experienced was unlike any other dinner we’ve had before, or will have again for a long time.

Work and What I Wore

Four food service jobs, four uniforms.

On Tip Prompts and Tip Regrets

Giving — in any situation — does not usually end up making us feel bad.

Half My Food Budget Goes to Dining Out

My husband Ben and I eat out at least three times a week.

On Being a “Regular”

When everybody knows your name — and your order.

How a $400 Steakhouse Dinner Helped Me Stop Ordering Delivery

For a while, it was easy for my husband and me to justify our food delivery habit.

What I Learned From Setting a Limit on My Restaurant Spending

Get an Instant Pot, pack a PB&J, and save your dining dollars for friends.

What Does the Trump Administration Want to Do to Tipped Workers?

This is not good.