Dear Businesslady’s Guide to Getting Promoted

Boss Up and Change Your Life in 2019

My 2019 Resolutions (and Goals)

My 2019 resolution is the same as my 2018 resolution: to close the bathroom door every time I use the toilet.

The Year I Resolved to Stop Buying Books

At the end of 2011, I implemented a Book Buying Ban.

My 2019 Resolution: Be Less Thrifty and More Thoughtful

No matter what I do, I always suspect that I could have economized better.

My 2019 Resolution: Do More Things That Don’t Make Any Money

I found myself getting to the end of every day with lots of work done and very little life stuff done.

My 2019 Resolution: Break Up With Amazon

I’ve started to think about an Amazon-less future.

Throwback Thursday: Yes You Can Go a Year Without Buying Clothes! I Did It And So Can You

Don’t give up shopping immediately. It could take you months to prepare for this.

I Want to Spend 2019 Sending Handwritten Cards to My Loved Ones

A rare moment of kid-like excitement washes over me when I find a brightly colored envelope in the mail.

Why I’ve Become a “Now Person”

Make all your resolutions immediate. Maybe you just want to resolve to make more coffee at home. Make coffee now.

Did My New Year’s Resolution Kill a Business?

I was sitting at a café in downtown Berkeley when I found out that one of my favorite bookstores was closing. What’s odd is that my mother — 2,800 miles away in upstate New York — was the one to give me the news.