Keeping It Even

My parents were determined to treat my sister and me exactly the same way. Including financially.

Our Parents’ Careers: My Mother’s First Three Jobs in the United States

Yan had two choices for survival: restaurant work, or a gig at a clothing factory.

Our Parents’ Careers: Navy SEAL, Entrepreneur, Circumnavigator, Farmer

My father wished to travel around the world, with my mother and me in tow, on a sailboat.

No, Mom, I Won’t Ask Dad

What each of my parents taught me about money.

Our Parents’ Careers: How My Mom Went From Engineer to Small Business Owner

My mother has been in the military, started her own business, traveled to trade shows, been a stay-at-home mom, and worked as an engineer. Here’s her story.

My Father, My Savings, and Me

My father has managed and invested my share of an inheritance since I was a child. At what point should I take on this responsibility?

The Folks Are Not All Right

When it was time for me to leave home, I never questioned that my parents wouldn’t be okay.

On Managing Parental Finances From Afar

My parents are physically healthy. They’re also capable of (and committed to) living independently. But they’re no longer capable of managing their own money.

“No” Was My Parents’ Best Advice

“If you need money, don’t ask us,” they said. “Because our answer will always be no.”

Settling for a Good Enough College

My parents had high expectations for my education, including the expectation that I would graduate with as little debt as possible.