A Friday Chat About Capsule Wardrobes

Featuring Billfolder Antheridia!

The Unexpected Costs of Breastfeeding

No, breastfeeding isn’t “free.” (It isn’t cheap, either.)

A Friday Chat About Maternity Leave

Featuring Billfolder Maggie!

Lies I Tell Myself About Money

Lie #1: Clothes and groceries are busting my budget.

On a Budget? Try the Ultimate Toddler’s Day In

I developed a low-cost toddler’s day in for those times when you’re cash-strapped and the rain is pounding at your window.

The Unexpected Costs of Having a Baby Two Weeks Overdue

Our tiny daughter was due to be born on December 4, 2017. She arrived on December 18th — exactly two weeks late, after 42 weeks of being pregnant.

Sidney’s Festive Film Review

Watching high-budget and low-budget holiday classics with my toddler.

Want, Need, Wear, Read: How a Simple Saying Helps Me Keep My Holiday Spending Under Control

I allot around $50–75 to each category, for a total of $200–300 per kid.

The Costs of Surrogacy

The story ends happily—but there are a lot of unexpected costs and complications in between. 

The Cost of Giving Birth Abroad

I live in Kathmandu—but I gave birth in Bangkok.