The Unexpected Costs of Getting Ready for a Baby

There are a lot of unexpected costs.

A Toddler’s Day Out That Doesn’t Bust the Bank

My son, Sid, is hurtling through toddlerdom at warp speed.

The Cost of Having a Baby in Australia With No Insurance

I decided to keep track of the actual costs of my pregnancy, as I am a bit of a spreadsheet nerd.

Should You Take Money Out of One Kid’s Investment Portfolio and Give It to Your Other Kid?

Who else read Dear Prudence today? I want to hear your thoughts on this family’s question.

Do You Need a Salary’s Worth of Savings Before Having Kids?

And is that even mathematically likely?

We Got Halfway Through Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps

Then we had an actual baby.

The Cost of a Maternity Wardrobe

I can get through my pregnancy with one pair of jeans.

Nearly Everyone Feels Guilty About Spending Money

Last Friday, we looked at why rich people hide price tags. Today, let’s pair Rachel Sherman’s NYT essay with Claire Zulkey’s longread at Racked: “Shopping When Your Partner Works and You Don’t.”

The Various Costs of Toddler Transportation

Not long ago, I wrote about the various costs of toddler entertainment—now I’m going to delve into the wonderful world of toddler transportation devices.

The Various Costs of Toddler Entertainment

Recently, I found a portion of stale fries in the ball pit, along with another kind of ablution that I won’t mention.